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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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news!" a light streak in the sky stuns and confuses viewers! we started getting calls into our newsroom shortly after 6...about the flying object that appeared to be disitegrating. action news reporter mahsa saeidi has been digging deepter... speaking with experts.... she's live on the ktnv roof with answers. mahsa? rikki -- just moments ago -- us strategic command confirming the object appears to have been a russian booster rocket re-entering the orbit. this light could be seen not only all over the valley. but reportedly even in arizona and california. "what the heck!" "dude holy crap!" their nightly game! suddenly interuppted! when they looked up! saw this.., and lost control! "oh my gosh there's another one! is that a plane?there's another one!" "this is going on channel 13, ey! this is going on the news!"
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up! like the sky! calls and...these videos from viewers around the valley! the internet a buzz about the mystery right above our heads! "a streak that lit up the sky, it was right behind that house right there." "what just happened." "it was going really fast, like it had a really red tracer behind it." a slow moving light dancing erratically for several minutes...the streak moving horizontally past street lights! what could it be? "(is it santa? is it an alien?) uh a meteor." not so according to us strategic command. the object is actually a russian boosgter rocket re-entering orbit. one thing is for sure -- it was quite a show and it's going to leave quite a memory. "i was scared really, it was really close to s and it was huge." ( "it was just an amazing experience to have especially around christmas time." many witnesses thought this was part a meteor shower. an astronomy expert tells us
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right now. but the object was moving much too slow. reporting live, mahsa saeidi, channel 13, action news. we continue our team coverage on the mystery in the sky now... mystery in the sky now... as people all around social media speculated about what the mystery in the sky could have been... there is something else that will be in the sky tonight... meteorologist karla huelga has more on what you could be able to catch a glimpse of tonight. the forecast continues on track with on and off cloud cover through tomorrow, before our next big system starts to make its way into the area for the holidays. expect breezy winds tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s, then another fairly mild day tomorrow with highs in the upper 50s. thursday afternoon, the first effect we will feel from the lakeisha holloway -- the woman accused of running down tourists on the strip -- is scheduled to be in court
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several charges.. including murder. action news reporter bryan callahan spoke with soe f r three dozen pedestrians were hit and a mom was killed. he joins us live with a look at what they found when they arrived... and how they reacted. ad lib about the current memorial firefigher who treated many of the victims say they didn't have time to focus
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they just did what they are trained to do. nats of dings, "we get to the call in less than a minute." firefighters say they realized quickly that the call was more than a small accident. "this call came in as an autoped and it completely escalated before we could even think about it." crews immediately called into dispatch that they had a mass casuatly situation ... "we have multiple people that are not breathing." asking for extra crews. "this scene goes all the way down to bally's with people all over the floor. we are going to need somebody to shut down traffic." as they went to work and waited for help... "i've got an oregon license plate they say came off the car." firefighters knew the driver hadn't "there is always my head on a swivel." in total clark county fire sent 70 crew members... that is counting the metro and private ambulance companies that responded to the chaotic flamingo. i have two people that are critical at this time." first responders staying as
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patients quickly. "you just kind of fall back on your training." at the end of the day... the fire captain all the first responders did their jobs. "i think all agencies did an amazing job." while they say the responese was amazing... firefighters say they will be reviewing the whole incident... saying there is something that could be improved or learned in these types of situations. reporting live, bryan callahan, channel 13 action news. those visiting our city. dorothy christensen, visiting from canada 10:04:37:00 i don't feel safe, it kind of gives you a sick feeling that something like this could happen and a lot of times when i travel i feel safe but when something like this happens, i don't. the las vegas strip is once again packed with tourists taking in the sights and sadly one of them.. is the growing memorial for the crash victims.
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christensen are visiting from canada. as they walk by the area where police say lakeisha holloway drove on to the sidewalk.. they told us they feel profound sadness. the horrific crime didn't stop them from walking down the strip but it has changed the experience. and tonight we're learning more about lakeisha holloway from family members. her mom and aunt are in las vegas tonight.. so is her cousin.. spoke with us. lashay hardaway says she's known holloway all her life... and her relaives are upset about the media coverage.. because they feel it doesn't reflect the woman they know. they say lakeisha wanted to help people and loves her 3-year old daughter. they say there were no signs she was struggling and were totally shocked to hear about the crash. 2.51 like i said, 52 we're still kind of numb 53 and we do want to get out there who she is and what we can say 57 but at the same time, i wasn't in the vehicle with her 3.02 i know that she was really exhausted 04 she had been driving for a long time 05 hardaway would not tell us where lakeisha was headed or what she was doing here in las
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stay with action news as we continue to learn new details about this tragedy... we'll bring you the latest information on air and online on and on our brand new ktnv mobile app. a henderson family is devastated tonight. a thief stole their u-haul truck.. with everything they owned. now.. the single mother and her teenage son are now left without the special christmas they had planned on spending together. action news reporter david schuman has this heartbreaking story. 20:02:34 "i'm completely emotionally and physically done. i'm exhausted." the last two days have been tough on angelina anderson. while she drove her u-haul to her new home in henderson...her son joel stayed behind in california. inside that truck...was everything they owned. david schuman, near seven hills drive and st rose parkway "the u-haul was sitting just outside the anderson's apartment when it was stolen." 19:59:12 "i don't have anything basic like i don't have any shoes but 20:03:21 angelina anderson "i
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up when he got here." joel flew into las vegas tuesday night. 20:02:43 "my son's on his way here and he doesn't know anything." angelina says she wanted to tell her son what happened in person. i spoke to joel mere moments after he found out all his stuff had been taken and christmas had been stolen away -- he and his mom now facing their own kind of grinch. 20:18:46 joel sanchez "i came here because christmas was coming and i wanted to see her. we were supposed to live here with our new stuff and start our new life here." 20:20:09 "this is probably not one of the christmases i want to look and think about." 20:03:34 anderson "i so wanted to decorate this place....20:03:42 it would feel more like home, you know, just moving." the two in henderson..david 13 action news. another woman is patting herself on the back after finding her car nearly 3 hours after it was stolen. marlene arellano was visiting her mother- in-law, wednesday, when it all went down.
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and left the car running... that's when she suddenly heard the door shut and the tires screeching. later that night... arellano -- using a spare key -- walked around the neighborhood pressing the panic button.. and found her car! however.. important documents were gone.. and she's worried the thief will return. "the package, the car, it's just materialistic stuff, but the fact that he could come back. he knows where i live." on monday, arellano's home surveillance system caught a man stealing a package from her porch.. and she claims she saw him sifting through keys.. trying to unlock her front door. no way to tell yet if it's the same guy who stole her car. metro is investigating. the woman who killed a man who was pushing his granddaughter down the street in a stroller.. is going to spend 6 to 10 years in prison. galina kilova got the maximum sentence for the death of michael grubbs. last november, she drove into the 63 year old while he was with his 1 year old grandchild. kilova left them on the side of rainbow boulevard - and drove off. she didn't turn herself in until days later..
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the holiday with her family. today in court - she apologized... and said she didn't realize she hit anyone that day. grubb's family may not believe her.. but they said.. they forgive her. vicky fortune victims' sister ((i know she's remorseful and i do. we feel sorry for her.)) grubbs' family tell us they are relieved the ordeal is over.. and the one year old survived. dramatic cell phone video shows the moment a fire breaks out at an apartment complex. a family turns to action news after barely escaping the flames, saying the smoke detectors never went off. action news went looking for answers when you ask. we investigate. plus... chaos at a mall in new york when an armed robbery leaves a man wounded.
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so into the nthat he threatened to shoot someone for spoiling it for him. 18-year-old arthur roy faces assault with a deadly weapon charges in helena. according to court documents... roy threatened on facebook that he would go to a school and shoot someone who revealed the plot line in advance. roy also posted that he had a colt pistol. if convicted.. .he faces up to 20-years in prison if he's convicted. a scare at one of the nation's busiest malls in new york.. just two days before christmas. shots rang out inside a store - sending shoppers scrambling. in light of recent terror attacks around the world - police wasted no time getting to the scene. abc's richard cantu has the details. natsot "i came to the mall to do some last- minute shopping, they say they shooting in here.." last-minute shopping - turned chaos.
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that sounded like gunshots." the sounds of gunfire. the scream of police sirens. nats - "?police cars / sirens..." and crowds of people running and hiding. sot - "like pure pandemonium, everybody was running. // tell you the truth, once i see everyone running, i started running." (map) police responded in force? quickly arriving at the roosevelt field mall on long island. officials say an armed robber walked into a tourneau store - sot - ed mangano / county executive, nassau county "the shot left the store and struck a mall employee, in the mall. 67-year- old male." police took off-duty n-y-p-d officer just out doing his own shopping - responsible for the takedown. natsot - "i'm pretty sure something drastic had to happen." while all that was happening - many shoppers were hiding - often in back rooms inside other stores. sot - "we heard like four or five pops, then we locked the doors and ran to the bathroom at the back of my store, and we just crouched there and we waited." sot - "?the employees
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up to an hour and a half for the all-clear. sot - "the first thing that goes through your head is that there's a man with a machine gun." local officials days before christmas... a family loses everything when their house goes up in flames. when the renters told us the apartment management company knew about a smoke detector problem and never did anything to fix it.. we had to help. it's a story you asked us to investigate -- and one you'll only see on action news. a family of three was inside when the fire started around ten last night... one person went to the hopsital but they're all going to be ok. they say the fire alarms are broken and have been for months... kristopher youts, home caught fire 22:54:26-22:54:35 "i'm still not completely over it.
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she was the one that was beating on our door." we reached out to the apartment managers who say they just bought the complex last week... and there were a lot of incomplete work orders. but the president of the new management group assures us he plans on inspecting every alarm. army sergeant bowe bergdahl was arraigned at a military hearing at fort bragg today . bergdahl didn't enter a plea at the pre-court martial appearance. he's facing charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and faces life in prison. bergdahl disappeared from his base in afghanistan in june 2009, and was held captivity by the taliban for five years. his next court appearance is set for january 12-th. this week is expected to be a record-breaker for holiday travel... but driving may be difficult with heavy rain... snow... and severe weather striking much of the country. fog is to blame for a chain reaction crash in arkansas that killed at least three people. in washington state... heavy snowfall has had rescue teams searching for a missing skier since saturday.
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jeopardize plans for the more than 38-million travelers expected to fly this holiday season. the forecast continues on track with on and off cloud cover through tomorrow, before our next big system starts to make its way into the area for the holidays. expect breezy winds tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s, then another fairly mild day tomorrow with highs in the upper 50s. thursday afternoon, the first effect we will feel from the system will be gusty winds to about 45 mph and chances for rain starting in the afternoon as well. the chance for rain will linger into christmas. mountain snow is also expected with this system. a slight cool down is in store for thursday to the mid 50s, then the system bring in abundant cool air that will sit over the region for quite a few days. afternoon highs will only reach the mid to upper 40s christmas day and over the weekend. in addition, at and below freezing lows are expected saturday, sunday and monday morning. conditions will be windy on friday, then down to breezy
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will definitely be in play both days. by the start to next week, a west-northwesterly flow will bounce high temps back to the low 50s. breaking news right now... the u-s geological survey is confirming right now five
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rattled the reno area in the past hour... the strongest being a magnitude of 4-point-3. no word right now on any damage or injuries. we'll bring you any new details as soon as we get it. its been a deadly year on the roadways for the city of las vegas-- with well over a hundred people killed in car accidents. and one major road here in our valley is to blame for several of them. now metro officers are stepping up their efforts to keep pedestrians safe.
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who just can't sit. officers took to the streets near boulder highway to teach people about the city's roadways and about walking near one of the busiest streets in the city. so far this year metro has responded to 14 fatal accidents along that road alone. eight of those were pedestrians. and officials say many of those
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jaywalk along the road trying to cut across six lanes of traffic. jack owen, captain southeast area command pedestrians, use the crosswalks that are here, i know that some of these are in locations that make it inconvenient, but use the traffic control thats there officials say they are working to get more crosswalks in the area and make the ones already in place a little more visible. in tonight's red white and blue 2016 political coverage... fifty percent of american voters say they would be embarrassed if donald trump were president, according to a new quinnipiac university poll... but trump still leads the gop pack. the poll shows that trump has 28 percent support. senator ted cruz is gaining on him and now has 24 percent support. but with less than two months before the first voting, trump told his supporters that the other candidates wish they didn't have to compete against him. ask jeb bush if enjoys running against trump, seriously ask him. in all fairness ask lindsay graham did he enjoy running against trump? ask perry.
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in that same quinnipiac poll for democrats, hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 61 percent to 30. that marks her highest national support in any poll since november 3rd. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is coming back to the silver state. the vermont senator will be coming to reno on sudnay before heading to las vegas for a campaing stop at canyon springs high school. the event begins at 6:30pm. big news today for southern nevada residents with solar panels... and it's not good. we'll tell you why solar customers wallets may soon be a little lighter. more breaking news right now...
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or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. this is a look at the u-s geological survey website.... those red dots are marking where now six earthquakes have struck in the past hour near the reno area... the latest one was less than five minutes ago. the strongest quake was a magnitude of 4-point-4. still no word right now on any damage or injuries. utilities commission voted to adopt a plan to cut how much n-v energy pays customers for excess energy their solar
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and it raises the flat service rate for customers. the changes will be phased-in over five years...starting at the beginning of the year. we'll be right back.... with a final look at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) the forecast continues on track with on and off cloud cover
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tomorrow, before our next big system starts to make its way day tomorrow with highs in the upper 50s. thursday afternoon, the first effect we will feel from the system will be gusty winds to about 45 mph and chances for of action news live at 11..
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us for jimmy kimmel live coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night. < > sot: "this is one of the hardest christmases..." a family moves into a new home in
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